Two Typhoon fighter jets will be seen flying over Bracknell today (28/7) to celebrate the 100th birthday of the oldest living spitfire pilot.

At 2pm, the jets will be able to be seen over Bracknell Park near Bickerton House care home on Park Road.

Peter Hale, who is the last remaining pilot of the 41 Squadron will be joined by staff and residents from Bickerton House care home to commemorate the event.

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Bickerton House has organised this event to celebrate the special occasion for their much loved resident.

The Typhoon jets will fly at around 500 ft above Bracknell Park.

Three RAF commanders will be present to present Peter with an award for his service and a 100th birthday gift.

If you happen to be outside at 2pm today, look to the skies! You may witness the fantastic fighter planes flying over Bracknell.