The owner of an Ascot pre-school has received a mayoral visit this month to congratulate her for 27 years of commitment and dedication within the community.

Mrs Sharon Shaw, who started Cheapside pre-school and Rainbow kids club 16 years ago for children to grow and develop is set to retire from early education this year.

The school exists for kids between the ages of 3 to 11 which includes the pre-school, after-school club and morning breakfast club.

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Sharon said: “I started Cheapside in 2006 as the director of the company and then when my business partner and friend retired in 2009 I carried it on by myself.

“I first started in South Ascot pre-school and then we decided to open the second one at Cheapside."

Shaw said that it all started when she took her two-and-a-half-year-old to a new play group and was the first Mum on the rota. After two weeks, she was working there, and the rest is history.

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She added: “One thing that I will miss is all the families. You can’t be in such a small area without building up such a fantastic relationship and I’ve met some amazing people over the years.

"I’ll also miss the little people obviously. I love when they come in and they’re tiny and they’re with us until they go to big school. You see the difference that we make and it’s wonderful.”

“I’d just like to thank everyone in the community who has supported me over the years especially during Covid which was very challenging. They’ve been fantastic and I’ll never forget them for that,” Mrs Shaw said.

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank them all and I will miss them."