A Crowthorne born wakeboarder has achieved his lifelong ambition of winning the Cable Wakeboarding World Championships held in Datchet last weekend.

Over four days of gruelling competition, Liam Peacock, 23, has earned his place among some of the best riders in history.

This is the pinnacle of a 12 year long journey where he and his brother have travelled the world competing with Team GB.

Liam said: “It’s always been a lifelong dream of mine to become a world champion and I’ve tried many many times but never managed to do it.

“I’ve beaten everyone else in every other competition apart from doing it at the world championship.

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“It has always felt when it comes down to that last trick I would crash, or something would go wrong, but it came to the last trick which was the hardest in my lap and I managed to land it perfectly. It was just the cherry on top of the cake for me.”

Liam appeared in a CITV programme when he was 10 years old having only recently started the sport, where he said that ‘if he didn’t win the world championships that year, he would keep trying and practicing until he did.’

On his Instagram page, he told his followers: “It may have taken a few years to get here, but to that 10-year-old kid that said he wouldn’t give up, we did it!”

Liam walked away from the World Championships at Liquid Leisure sports centre in Datchet with the title of world champion in not one but two categories – traditional and features. Making him a double world champion!

After an action-packed weekend of competition, both Liam and brother Ryan who travels the world with his brother, are heading off to Germany and Lithuania for wakeboarding shows and training camps.

He added: “Moving into next year I hope to defend the title and just keep pushing myself and try and win as much as possible.”

The Crowthorne wakeboarder has said that he has dedicated his win to his family who has ‘always supported him.’

“The main people I would dedicate this win to is my parents for pushing me and never giving up on what we believe,” He said. “They’ve always allowed us to do whatever we’ve wanted to do in our sport so it’s sort of my way of saying thank you to them.”

Liam’s mum, Sarah said: “We are so proud of both Liam and his older brother Ryan who is also a pro wakeboarder. My side of the family has always had a watersports background but never done anything competitively.

“We started by taking them to classes for two hours on a Saturday and then before we knew it they were spending their entire week there. Now it has become their entire lives.

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“The fact that they have been able to do it together meant that it was a bit of natural and healthy competition for both Liam and Ryan as they grew up.”

Both Liam and Ryan have become world class wakeboarders over the last 15 years, competing, travelling, and editing their lives for their fans from all over the world.

Liam added: As my older brother, Ryan has always just pushed me to try new stuff and learn and improve together. So by doing that, it has massively helped to get where both of us are at now. Ryan is without a doubt still one of the best in the world a what he does.

He doesn’t compete as much now but the tricks he does, blows even my mind, so definitely massive credit to having my brother there pushing me all the way.