Illegally parking in disabled bays constituted one in six parking fines handed to drivers in Bracknell over the last 12 months, figures obtained by The News reveals. 

Data from a Freedom of Information (FOI) request shows that 15 per cent of all parking fines issued in Bracknell were for occupying a designated disabled person’s parking place without displaying the correct permit. 

Of the 2,591 Parking Charge Notices (PCN’s) dished out during this time 378 were for this offence, with the overwhelming majority being issued at one location – The Avenue car park in the town centre. 

Of the 378 fines for illegally parking in disabled spaces, 314 were handed out at The Avenue – equaling 83 percent – and 12 per cent of the total number of PCN’s issued in the borough. 

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These bays are only for vehicles displaying a valid Blue Badge, which is obtained by applying to the local council. Reasons for eligibility include being registered as severely sight impaired, in receipt of the higher rate mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance or are entitled to a War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement. 

The Avenue, a multi-storey car park located near The Lexicon, has 1,194 spaces in total – which includes 68 spaces designated disabled spaces situated on every floor equating to nearly six per cent of the capacity.  

The next two most fined locations for this offence over the last 12 months were drastically lower than The Avenue. Second on the list was the car park at Braccan Walk with 16 and third was the multi-storey car park on the High Street with 11.


Assistant Direct for Contract Services at Bracknell Forest Council, Damian James, said that they have “never had any complaints” about a lack of disabled spaces in the car park but maintained the need to enforce fines on offenders. 

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“The Avenue car park is the borough’s most widely used car park, therefore, as you would expect, the number of fines issued in relation to that car park reflects that. 

 “We take our responsibility to provide accessible and disabled parking spaces seriously and so it is appropriate for us to fine people who take up these spaces if they are not entitled to or are not displaying a valid blue badge,” Mr James added. 

Town centre car park rates in Bracknell went up last year, costs for The Avenue now range from £1,60 for one hour to £9.30 for over eight hours, with no exemptions or free concessions for Blue Badge holders. 

The fee for fixed penalty notices is a statutory fee and not set by the local authority. The cost varies between £50 and £70 depending on the severity of the offence, but those who pay within 14 days receive a 50 per cent discount.