A POLICE officer has warned about supermarket car park thefts after a shopper had their valuables taken from them.

The incident occurred in an East Berkshire supermarket car park at midday on Saturday, June 8, when a man and his accomplice stole the shopper’s phone, credit card and supermarket card.

This came after the thieves used a distraction technique, telling the shopper they had a problem with one of their front tyres.

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The shopper got out of their car to look at the affected area while the man’s accomplice opened the passenger door and removed the victim’s purse and mobile phone.

Upon realising her valuables had been stolen, the shopper contacted her card company.

They told her there had been several unsuccessful attempts to withdraw money using their card, but £1,250 had been spent at an IT equipment store and £9.35 had been spent in a takeaway.

Jeffrey Pick, community officer for Ascot, Windsor and Maidenhead, said: “Please be aware, this is a regular scam in supermarket car parks.”