Plans to build a new single-storey home on land in Winkfield have been approved, despite multiple objections from residents. 

A two-bedroom bungalow will now be built on the land at the rear of 2 Toonagh and on the north side of Church Road towards the western end – which lies within the green belt area.   

The plot is currently occupied by garden land and a double garage, which would be demolished to make way for the dwelling. 

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Internally, the new property will provide two bedrooms with ensuite’s, as well as an open plan kitchen, dining, and living area.  

Vehicule access is via a gated entrance from Church Road, which leads to an existing gravel parking area which is to be retained. 

The plan was voted through unanimously at a planning committee meeting on Thursday June 16, after a site visit had been conducted the previous Saturday, despite 11 objections being lodged against the application. 

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It was deemed that the latest policy allowed for the “redevelopment of previously developed land” in the green belt. 

Councillor Tony Virgo said: “It’s a difficult one. It’s in green belt, we would normally say no but it’s ticked a lot of boxes. 

“I can’t see any harm to the green belt because there are buildings all around it. It’s single-storey and we are short of [those]. 

“On balance, I can’t see a reason to refuse.”