Racegoers from across the world gathered at the famous Berkshire racecourse this week to celebrate the best of British racing and fashion.

From celebs to Royals, extravagant fashions and outstanding racing Royal Ascot never fails to disappoint.

To the disappointment of many, the Queen chose not to attend the races this year – quite a surprise especially when some of her personal horses were competing.

This was one of the first times that she chose to reject the invitation to grace the first Royal carriage in her 70 year reign. Instead, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall opened the Royal Procession in the first carriage on day’s 1,2 and 3, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived on day four.

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The monarch was said to not have made an appearance due to mobility issues after her Jubilee celebrations. Not surprising at 96 years old!

On day three both women and men showed off their creative and flamboyant hats under the scorching sun on the world-famous ladies’ day.

One Ascot racegoer was wearing a mock parrot in full flight and surrounded by foliage on her head, and carried another in a cage as her handbag.

The headpiece was created by Inga Kovalerova, a fashion designer who was inspired by a recent trip to Mexico, where she saw a Frida Kahlo exhibition.

Yuan Li, a milliner from London, was wearing a rainbow-coloured hat made from ostrich feathers of different hues in a tribute to Pride month.

“This is a great day for us milliners. This is the place where your imagination can go free. There are no limits for us who work in fashion,” she said.

“I think because Ascot attracts the royals it’s unique and it mixes something quintessentially British with the flamboyant nature of people, which is great.”

Another, who made a hat made of pieces of cotton which went down over her face and made walking a little tricky said that it took her three weeks to create.

Three friends who had travelled from America narrowly averted a fashion disaster when their hats made in Australia were only released from US customs minutes before the flight took off. The hats that were red, white, and blue were made to pay tribute to the Queen in her Jubilee year.

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The one aspect that’s stood out this year was the scorching temperatures which saw the event alter their dress code for the first time in years. Although women still donned their hats and regulation length dresses, men were allowed to remove their top hats and jackets under the sweltering heat.

Although this was put in place, very few men made the decision to sway in that direction choosing instead to relax under race side umbrellas that were made available in the Royal Enclosure or inside the main building in the shade.

As Royal Ascot comes to an end you have to think that nothing is truly more British than the best of horse racing, satirical British fashion and champagne under the sun.