A devastated Bracknell man has reached out to the local community after his neighbour lost an unwavering fight with cancer.

John Hall, a father of three, was inspired to help Niall’s parents financially after hearing of the 23-year old’s passing just three short weeks after he was admitted to hospital.

As a father himself he said that no-one thinks to put money aside for that eventuality.

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John said: “We have been neighbours since he was six years old, and he was always a lovely lad who was respectful and always had a smile for you.

“Niall was always eager to learn and help out, and just enjoyed life.

“I believe that he was forced to become the man of the house at a young age even though he was the youngest. However, he never let his circumstances get him down. He had such a positive and caring attitudes.

Niall Ridd, 23, was an employee at Bracknell Town Council after he left college and is said to have paid his way in life without a father around to support him.

He left behind his one-year-old son, mum and brother, he was truly loved by so many.

On May 18 John Hall posted on the Go Fund me page: “I would like to thank each and every person that has given their hard earned.

“An amazing amount of £2440 has been donated which has exceeded my expectations.

“Niall’s mother Julie Gilbert is the beneficiary, which means that all of the money goes directly to her.

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He added: “Niall’s mother Julie is in aww at the kindness and generosity of everyone especially given how hard times have been.

“She is amazed at how many lives he has touched throughout his short life.”

So far the Go Fund Me page has raised £3,500, all of which will be going to pay for Niall’s funeral.

John said that any left over from the cost of funeral would be fitting to put in a trust fund for Niall’s son.

A spokesperson from Bracknell Town Council said: “Niall Ridd worked for Bracknell Town Council from November 2017 to March 2020.

“Niall loved his time at BTC but left to gain more experience although he kept in touch with many colleagues. Staff were very saddened to hear of his passing at such a young age and many attended his funeral to pay their respects. Our thoughts are with his family.”

If you wish to donate to Niall's Go Fund Me click here