Fears have been raised that two homes ‘crammed into a garden’ in Crowthorne could be built despite them being refused two times in a row.

Last year developers Ball and Hattersley submitted a plan to build two four bedroom homes to the rear of houses 33 and 35 in The Avenue, Crowthorne.

The application was submitted to Wokingham Borough Council as The Avenue is located in the area of Crowthorne that falls within the Wokingham Without ward of the borough.

The plan proved unpopular with neighbours, who argued the homes were being packed into the area ‘like sardines’.

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Ultimately it was rejected by a borough planning officer who ruled the size of the proposed homes is ‘excessive’ and would not integrate into the surrounding area.

But the developers have launched a bid for the homes to be built regardless in an appeal to the Government’s planning inspectorate.

Neighbours are determined to oppose it. One neighbour, Bernadette Mitra, said: “We were obviously delighted with the decision of the council to refuse application, however, we had to spend a substantial amount of hours doing our own research.

“Some residents had to incur expenditure because they liaised with experienced planning consultants in order to make a strong case.

“We now have to follow the same process yet again.

“The proposed density of development over the garden site, extending to considerable depth behind an established building line between The Avenue and New Wokingham Road, would intrude unacceptably into the current setting and character of the surroundings and area.

“There would also be an intensity of traffic using the access created between neighbouring homes on The Avenue that would invariably disturb occupiers.”

She added that the garden should be protected as greenfield land, and would not fit in with the existing layout of houses along road.

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Meanwhile, the developer’s agents Farrell Design Studios has argued that there is a precedent for backland development in The Avenue, with the four home Aldworth Gardens development which was constructed in 1982.

Additionally, they cited six occasions where infill developments and replacement homes were approved.

In an appeal statement, Farrell Design Studios concluded the homes would be of high quality design, would be sustainable, and would  “fully respect the amenity of neighbouring properties.”

You can view the refused plans by typing reference 211770 on Wokingham Borough Council’s planning portal.

You can comment on the appeal on the planning inspectorate website https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/  or by emailing east1@planninginspectorate.gov.uk , quoting reference APP/X0360/W/22/3291746.

A similar plan for two homes, application 200788, was rejected in May 2020 but no appeal was lodged.