The famous John Nike ski-slopes and ice rink has given Berkshire residents some fond memories throughout the years.

From Friday race nights to celebrity sightings, it offered ski-enthusiasts the chance to let off some steam without having the hassle of travelling hundreds of miles.

The site and ski slopes have sadly fallen into disrepair after the John-Nike owners were unable to find a “financially viable” option.

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Although there have been recent rumours over the re-opening of the slopes, officials have stated that there are no plans to open the ski centre any time soon.

We have taken a trip down to the famous dry slopes in Binfield and the sight would put a tear in the eye of anyone who remembers the joy that they once brought to local residents.

Past John-Nike skiers and members of staff reminisce over memories that they hold close from their time at Berkshire’s famous ski centre.

Mack Allan said: “I used to take my kids there as part of the Berkshire ski squad for their Friday night training and race night.

“They started going in 2016 and then when it closed in 2020 the Berkshire ski squad disintegrated because there was no-where else in Bracknell to train.

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“I remember my two kids racing on behalf of Crowthorne CE Primary School before Covid and the school won on the night. The school isn’t very well-known for sports, so I remember the head teacher being so proud.

The amount of passion that local ski-enthusiasts had for the leisure centre makes to wonder whether the John Nike group would consider there-opening of the land.

Fred Cox, a snow-board instructor at the centre in the summer of 2018 said: “I remember so many things about working there.

“Teaching the kids that came for lessons was so much fun and of course we were able to enjoy them ourselves. I even met footballer, David Seaman who came to use the dry slopes as he took his daughter ice-skating.”