Are you at a loss for what to do this weekend with the family?

With a mini-heatwave on it’s way what better way to relax in the sun than visiting one of Bracknell Forests many local parks and woodlands.

From meadows of bluebells to watching the sun split through age old oak trees, there are many beautiful oasis' to choose from.

To take the decision-making process out of your hands we have made a list of five of the most popular parks and walking trails in the area.

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Lily Hill Park

This award winning 23-hectare public open space is located to the north east of Bracknell and less than a mile from the town centre.

The gorgeous trail is a fantastic location for walkers of every ability. It’s well pathed trails means it is easily accessible for families with small children and is popular for dog walkers around the Bracknell area.

Lots to see and enjoy including Edwardian water gardens, wild flower fields, beautiful Wellingtonias, picnic areas everywhere, hills to climb for the kids to enjoy and a historic manor house.

This walking route really lets you connect with nature and the acres of restored heritage parkland are there for you to enjoy.

It's beautiful, spacious, and exciting - with endless fields and woodland to run, walk and play.

South Hill Park

This beautiful park and forest walking trail, set in the shadow of South Hill Park Arts Centre will take you to another level of enchanting.

The grounds host a variety of floral and fauna to enjoy on a relaxing afternoon walk in the sun.

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It is one of the shorter Bracknell walks, however the nuances along the way will keep you entertained. From the 30 metre balance beam to the frequent sighting of woodland animals, it’s definitely not one to miss.

The mass of green space in front of the arts centre is perfect for family picnic's under the beautiful afternoon sun.

Swinley Forest

Visiting Bracknell’s Swinley Forest may feel like you are stepping into a children's fairy-tale book, but there are so many things that lurk within. The forest boosts adorable toad stalls deep in the forest and it's fantastic walking routes.

It has excellent pathways to keep you dry from the mud and has seven miles worth of walking routes.

With plenty of routes to choose from and an enchanting forest to explore what else more could you want from your winter walk.

Frost Folly

This scenic walk is beautiful when the sunset drops onto the meadow. If you're looking for somewhere to clear your mind after a busy week then Frost Folly is beautiful with its delightful views over the surrounding countryside.

The walking route is a leisurely flat terrain and suitable for families and all walking abilities, perfect if you have children to occupy. Let them run and play in beautiful surroundings while enjoying the tranquil countryside.

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Simons Wood

If you happen to live close to Finchampstead, then Simons Wood is definitely another gorgeous nirvana to visit.

With broadleaf woodland, pine forest and open heathland, it is part of National Trust and open for visitors all year round.