RESIDENTS of a building once plagued with 'rats in the walls' are still battling flytipped rubbish, one resident has claimed.

The Bracknell resident hit out at the ongoing problems with fly-tipping and decaying garden waste at Apex House in London Road.

It comes after the resident complained about the problem attracting rats and claimed tennants could hear the rodents 'walking in the walls'.

Despite pest control having successfully resolved the rodent issues within the building, a problem with flytipping at the back of the site remains.

The disabled resident of Apex House, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Pest control have been sent out by the landlord and everything has been sorted, so I am very pleased.

“They covered and put down rat poison where they were gaining entry so now they are no longer coming in the building."

According to the resident the rats can no longer be seen at the front of the building, however due to the garden waste and fly-tipping they are still gathering in the back garden.

Bracknell Forest Council has said it would work with management and residents to provide additional communication and support to resolve the issue.

But the residents has claimed not enough is being down to action the problem.

Damian James, Assistant Director for Contract Services at the council, said: “Our waste and recycling crews have been going to Apex House as per the advertised schedule.

“The waste and recycling team send reports to the managing agent, who is responsible for onsite waste, every time there is an issue with waste presentation. These reports include photos and detail the reasons why contaminated bins can’t be collected. 

“The managing agent has responsibility to ensure all bins are put out according to our waste and recycling policies; we would be happy to work with the agent to provide additional communication and engagement with residents, should they need support.

“In relation to the hedge trimmings, this is private land and the council is not be responsible for cutting hedges back or collecting hedge trimmings from private land.”

Bracknell Forest Council was unable to provide details of the managing agent.