The Conservative Party has lost its overall majority on the council after a tough set of results in the local elections. 

Wokingham Borough Council now has No Overall Control (NOC) as five former Tory seats swung the way of the Liberal Democrats. 

The party has consequently taken up seats at Finchampstead South, Hillside, Maiden Erlegh, Shinfield South and South Lake wards. 

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The leader of the Wokingham Liberal Democrats and parliamentary candidate for the borough, Councillor Clive Jones, said: “We are absolutely delighted, we have been working for this for a few years. 

“We’ve had five gains today, we had three gains last year, we had eight the year before. We are really pleased to be in this position in the backyard of Theresa May and John Redwood.” 

The result follows the trend of what has been happening across the south of England, where the Conservatives have lost control of councils in former strongholds, such as Westminster, Wandsworth and Southampton. 

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So far in England, the Tories have lost 178 seats – with results from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland still yet to be declared. 

Some Conservative councillors who lost their seats have blamed national issues, and by association Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for their plight – citing matters such as the cost-of-living-crisis and ‘partygate’ influencing voters’ decisions. 

A councillor for Bulmershe and Whitegate, Cllr Shahid Younis – whose seat was not up for election this time – said: “National politics does come in to play. We had feedback that's not been good, but we are good on a local level.” 

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The result also reflects successes the Liberal Democrats have being seeing nationally. The party is the biggest winner of the election so far, gaining 76 seats across England alone. 

Cllr Jones continued: “This is really good news for the residents of Wokingham. Development was a huge issue. The residents are totally fed up with the Conservatives plans for concreting over [the borough]. 40,000 houses in the last 40 years is just too many. 

“’Partygate’ and the cost-of-living was an issue. Even in affluent Wokingham, a lot of people are struggling to pay their bills.” 

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Seats in 18 wards were put to the vote, which included eleven held by the Conservatives, four by the Liberal Democrats, one by Labour, one by the Independent Group and one that was vacant. 

Labour Councillor Rachel Burgess held her seat in Norreys Ward and Independent Councillor Gary Cowan held on to his seat in Arborfield. Labours Andy Croy took the vacant seat in Bulmershe & Whitegates. 

Cllr Croy, said: “Many, many thanks to all those who voted for us and the members who worked so hard to get us elected.”