Two savvy school children have combined their talents for jewellery making to raise funds for the people of Ukraine.

Best friends Eva Rose Riddell and Abbie Cook were inspired to dedicate their bracelet making business after seeing the devastating effects during the Russian invasion.

With help from their parents and school, so far they have raised in total £360 which will all go towards the Red Cross.

Mum, Carlie Riddell said: “It started out as a bracelet business and then as the kids started seeing the news and absorbing everything that was happening it just evolved into raising money for Ukraine.

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“We’re all so proud of them for taking their own initiative and trying to help support a cause that is very much in the forefront of everyone’s heart and mind.”

Eva Rose Riddell (9) said: "I've seen the Ukrainian war on TV and talked about it in school. I wanted to help raise money for food and water and toys for children that have lost their homes, so my friend Abbie and I decided to sell our bracelets at school.

"We had lots of play dates making the bracelets and I hope the money raised will help."

The girls have also received much support from their teachers at Oakland Junior School in Crowthorne, including head teacher Ms West.

Abbie Cook (10) explained: "It was really fun doing it and knowing that we have helped in some way."