A Bracknell family have launched an appeal after returning home to find their beloved dog paralysed and unable to walk.

After taking their dog, Shana, to a nearby vet it became clear that she was suffering from compression to her spinal chord due to a slipped disc.

The dog was rushed to emergency surgery and after consultation with their pet insurance it became clear that although some costs would be covered they needed to find a way to raise the shortfall.

Sophie Vallely, the owner of Shana said: “We went to Mulberry house in Wokingham and they were amazing. They came and seen Shauna and they made the diagnosis.

“They said that they would work directly with the medical insurance company and try and find a hospital that would work directly with the medical insurers.

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“Within half an hour we were on our way to high Wycombe to Hamilton specialist referrals and they performers surgery this weekend.

So far, Shauna is recovering well however she has a long way to go, Sophies says. Another six to eight weeks of physio is needed to ensure there is no long-term damage.

So far the Go Fund Me page has raised £1,040 of their £3,750 target.

Mrs Vallely said: “We have been absolutely overwhelmed by friends and people that we know wo have donated so much, and also people that we don’t know.

“There are people on the donation list that we don’t know which is unbelievable. We’ve really been knocked over by the amount of people that have given.”

She added: “She really is part of the family. When we first got her, she brought us together.

If you wish to donate to help Shana get her legs back click here.