The amount of homes that have been built in Bracknell over the last three years has been revealed – with more homes being built than required.

Recently, the Government released figures for how many homes were built in each area from 2018 to 2021.

The figures were released as the Government is monitoring the amount of homes that get built in each area to establish whether its housebuilding targets are being met.

Housebuilding targets for the Bracknell Forest over the three years totalled 1,609- yet 3,487 homes were actually built over the period.

That means housebuilders have superseded the target by 1,878 homes, and Bracknell Forest’s housing delivery target has been achieved by 217 per cent.

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It is understood that most of the homes that have been built are in areas allocated for housing in Bracknell Forest’s existing Local Plan established in 2013.

Examples include new estates that have been built north of Amen Corner and the former Blue Mountain golf course, both of which are in Binfield.

A response has been sought from Bracknell Forest to determine where the new homes in 2018-21, but it was not able to respond by the time of publication.

Even more homes have been delivered in Wokingham Borough, where 4,006 homes were built during the period, against a target of 2,125.

That means housebuilders have superseded the target by 1,881 homes, and Wokingham Borough housing delivery target has been achieved by 189 per cent.

Therefore, the number of houses built in both areas have well exceeded Government housing targets.

You can view how many homes were built in each area according to Government figures in the table below:

In Wokingham Borough,  a majority of the homes that have been built have been built within four major development areas: north and south Wokingham, the area south of the M4 in Shinfield, and Arborfield Garrison.

According to the council’s figures, 1,145 homes have been occupied in the North Wokingham major development in December 2020.

At the South Wokingham development, 580 homes were completed and occupied by March 2020. These homes were built north of the railway, with outline permission for 1,600 homes approved in May last year.

In Shinfield Parish, it is estimated that 636 homes were either occupied or completed during the 2018-2021 period.

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At Arborfield Garrison, of the 1,218 homes that have been approved through the planning process, over 550 homes were occupied in March 2020.

The figures have been seized on by the Crowthorne Village Action Group, which has argued that the overdelivery of new homes in Bracknell Forest demonstrates a plan for 226 homes at Beaufort Park is not needed.

And earlier in the year, Wokingham Borough Council leader John Halsall (Conservative, Remenham, Wargave and Ruscombe) called for Government housebuilding targets to be reduced.