Anxious and fearful dogs are being recognised this Spring as a local business woman creates a national day to bring awareness of pet anxiety.

Sarah Beckley-Jones from Binfield was introduced to the concept of dogs wearing a yellow collar three years ago after she became aware of her Cocker Spanial’s fear of strangers.

Due to trauma suffered by past attacks, her dog Bella was now fearful of contact by strangers, other dogs and required a wide space while on walks.

When Sarah became aware of other owners who’s dogs suffered with the same affliction, she decided to start her business to create her own yellow collars and make others aware anxiety around strangers and other dogs.

Three years later, Sarah has decided to take it one step further and create a ‘National dogs in yellow day’ to provide more awareness and greater reach of this issue.

She said: “It’s just such an opportunity for us to get our message out but for also for people to understand why our dogs need a little bit of space. When you’ve got an anxious or reactive dog it can be quite hard if they bark at people or they are growling or snapping at other dogs.

“Just giving dogs in yellow at little bit of space by putting their own dog on a lead or just moving to the side or passing widely, it means so much to that dog.

“There’s lots to celebrate, lots of awareness and it gives us a chance to get this trending.”

Sarah says that she has had a positive reaction from other dog owners that have purchased her patented ‘yellow collars’ for their own dogs over the last few years.

“We call ourselves the yellow army to try and make it more inclusive, like a little gang so it’s not a negative thing. We make it a positive thing for people that use yellow that want to raise awareness.

“I’ve had a couple of people come back to me that are trying to do events for the day getting their councils involved.”

So far, the Binfield woman has partnered up with local rescue centres and vets to celebrate the day and is keen to get it recognised among the animal community.

‘National Dogs in Yellow Day’ will be recognised on March 20 and will symbolise the yellow of daffodils emerging at the beginning of Spring.