The history of Broadmoor Hospital is one that has been shrouded in intrique and insanity throughout the years.

Formally named, Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum, the institution was built to house the ‘criminally insane’ and to provide safe custody and treatment.

Completed in 1863, it was built to a design by Sir Joshua Jebb, an officer of the Corps of Royal Engineers, and covered 53 acres (21 hectares) within its secure perimeter. The first patient was a female admitted for infanticide on 27 May 1863.

Originally the asylum housed 95 female patients, after which an extra block was built for male inmates.

The new Broadmoor site in Sandhurst covered 290 acres on the edge of the Berkshire moors and was designed by Major General Joshua Jebb, a military engineer.

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In 1985, the 290 acres and listed buildings received a facelift to accommodate the rising levels in inmates.

The aerial shot shows the grounds in it’s entirety.

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Over the years the building has housed many famous criminals and dangerous historical figures.

This includes ‘Richard Sutcliffe’, otherwise known as the ‘Yorkshire Ripper.’

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Broadmoor is also one of the healthcare institutions involved in the Jimmy Saville scandal. Findings of a series of major investigations by NHS hospitals into allegations of abuse by the ‘disgraced’ presenter were published in 2014 that dated back decades.

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In 2015 plans to turn the hospital into a hotel were discussed, however turned down for plans to create a brand new hospital on the grounds of Broadmoor Estate.

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16 December 2019 saw the new state-of-the-art Broadmoor hospital opening to staff and patients on the surrounding landscape, leaving the old Victorian buildings deserted and dis-used. 

Equipment and furniture within the building however was donated to local schools in need of supplies.

Pictures show the final product of the new Broadmoor hospital.

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The final stage of the redevelopment is well underway, due to finish at the end of 2022. This includes the Constructing the green park- the new horticultural area, developing an outdoor multi use games area and completing final landscaping for the new hospital.