A SCHOOL has been slammed by parents for 'abusing children' by stopping students from drinking water and going to the toilet.

Furious mum's and dad's have contacted the Bracknell News to complain about the new "draconian" rules set out at Brakenhale School.

One angry mum got in touch after reporting her daughter was "made to sit on the wet floor outside to eat her lunch".

Another parent claimed a Year 7 pupil had 'wet herself' because she didn't have a doctor's note to use the toilet.

Despite these complaints, the Greenshaw Learning Trust says parents should contact the school if they have concerns.

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Will Smith, CEO of the Greenshaw Learning Trust said: "Our expectation is that students present themselves in line with the school's policies.

"If any students or parents have questions or concerns regarding our policies they should contact the school."

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One parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the rules should be "classed as child abuse" as they deny children to use the toilet when desperate and they are forced to line-up outside in the cold four times a day.

The heartbroken mum-of-two said: "Currently all children are made to stand and line up with one hand in the air, in the rain and cold four times a day, without coats for anything up to 20 minutes a time.

"The school are actually only issuing toilet passes to children if parents can prove they need a medical exemption for.

"Children are being lead to class in silence. The head seems to think he is head of a Victorian grammar school."

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A dad, who doesn't want to be named, said: "Detention has changed from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Children have to have a letter from a doctor to be able to go to the toilet during lesson time.

"One Year 7 was so desperate to go to the toilet that she wet herself and blood poured down her leg during the line up (she was told she had to have a pass if on a period).

"They [students] have to stand in line 4/5 times a day morning, break, lunch and finish time and every child has to have their hand up and be silent before being able to leave.

"The new headteacher of Brakenhale has changed everything good that the last head did."

Parents have also made complaints to Bracknell Forest Council about the rules in place.

Grainne Siggins, Executive Director of People, said: “The council has been made aware of a number of issues that have been raised by parents of students from The Brakenhale School.

"We have contacted Brakenhale School and the Greenshaw Academy Trust regarding concerns. We have received acknowledgement and assurance that they will look into these concerns with the aim to resolve these matters as quickly as possible.

“As Brakenhale is an academy school and not a local authority maintained school, we urge parents with concerns to raise them directly through the school and trust’s complaints process, as detailed on the school’s website.”

Does your child attend Brakenhale School? Are you concerned about the new rules? Get in touch: isabella.perrin@newsquest.co.uk