Council tax could be going up by as much as £100 or more if proposals to increase charges are approved in Bracknell.

Bracknell Forest Council’s executive committee revealed proposals to increase council tax by 4.5 per cent last December.

This could mean that people living in the most valuable properties in Bracknell would have to pay over £100 more in council tax for the coming financial year in 2022/23.

If your property is in Band D, your council tax will increase by £80.82, according to our calculations.

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You can see how much council tax you pay currently, how much you could end up paying next year, and the increase in our helpful table below:

How much taxes could go up by in Bracknell in 2022/23

The increase figure was arrived at by subtracting the amount payable in 2022/23 with the amount payable in 2021/22, the current financial year.

The amount of council tax you pay varies depending on where you live in Bracknell Forest.

Current council tax rates for Binfield, Crowthorne, Sandhurst, Warfield and Winkfield can be found on the council's council tax charges and bands webpage here.

Council tax for the part of Ascot which is in Bracknell Forest is covered in the Winkfield section on that webpage.

To find out how much tax you could be charged, add 4.5 per cent to the current amount of council tax you pay.

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The proposal to increase council tax by 4.5 per cent has been made by Bracknell Forest Council’s executive committee at a meeting on December 14, 2021.

But the proposal has not been decided on yet.

The council tax increase would need to be approved at a full council meeting before it is imposed.

The only way council tax could be increased any more would be if the council called a referendum.

The tax would be increased in part to pay for the council’s proposed spending programme for its revenue budget, which is the account that the council uses to pay for its day-to-day expenditure, which includes paying for  staff and maintaining council-owned buildings and equipment.

A large part of the budget will go towards providing adult social care.

The council is predicted to raise £67.702m of its £89.355m revenue budget from council taxes.

The revenue budget proposals are currently undergoing a public consultation process. 

You can respond to the consultation on the Bracknell Forest Council webpage here

The consultation will run until Tuesday, January 25, with the final budget, including the proposed level of council tax for 2022/23, will be determined at a full council meeting on Wednesday February 23.