A CONTROVERSIAL new policy where students have been asked to buy their own laptops has angered a parent from Bracknell.

King's Academy Binfield is asking all students to bring their own chromebook devices to school from April this year.

The school believes technology has been vital for students learning during the Covid pandemic.

Whilst the mum agrees, she also believes making parents buy laptops is "an additional expense when many people are struggling financially."

The parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the Bracknell News: "I think that if the school want them then they should provide them. I can’t afford one as although you can buy cheaper, you then need to pay for the licence and other software etc.

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"Some parents have three kids at the school. 

"Have a look at the cost of Kings Uniform on the Stevenson’s website. For a Year 7 starting in September it will be £700 to start at a state primary school. 

"People could put themselves in debt as there are no checks. Plus after three years you need to buy a new one."

In response to the concerns raised, the school said students who claim free school meals and siblings will receive a "significant subsidy" towards the purchase of their chromebook.

The subsidy for parents who use the free school meals scheme is 70.3 per cent, which equates to £1 per week. Google shows HP Chromebooks currently costing £139.99 on Amazon.

Despite the worries, the school claims parents and carers have been 'fully consulted for over a year'.

A statement from King's Academy Binfield said: "We have already seen how students have used technology to explore and produce work in new and engaging ways, embracing creativity both in school and out, and know the 1:1 scheme will enhance our teaching and learning strategy even further.

" All parents and carers have been informed that if they have any concerns regarding affordability of the scheme they should make contact with the school directly so these can be discussed and solutions sought; these discussions are ongoing. 

"We are anticipating a really strong take up of the scheme and provision will be made for those students whose parents are unable to join the scheme at the launch to ensure no-one is disadvantaged in school. Parents are all aware of these arrangements."