The Golden Farmer pub is back and bigger than ever as a new landlady strives to create an inclusive hub for the local community.

Kaz Cox, an established pub owner and new to the area, took over the running of the establishment three months ago with the aim of creating and moulding the space into one of community values.

Throughout her first few months she has been providing a space for local football players and offering free hot dinners and refreshments every Friday to her customers.

Kaz said: “I know I’m doing my bit for the community but so is everyone else. It’s just so nice to know that the Easthampstead part of Bracknell has got the biggest community spirit.

“I’ve never been anywhere in the 15 years I’ve ever worked, where there is such a high sense of community.”

She added that the biggest thing for her was being accepted into the community, and she said that she is so happy that she has got to know the locals.

“I’ve had so much lovely feedback and reviews and the pub is now seeing quadruple the amount of people that were drinking in here before”, she said.

“I’ve been made, and I’ve been born to serve. I’m so in tune to my customers that before they even walk in the door, the pints are already poured and on the bar.”

With lots of personal touches, she has turned the Easthampstead staple into a thriving social hub, where locals can come and enjoy a touch of company and local produce.

The venue has already started launching social nights for their customers. A dart league and a pool league are soon to be introduced, as well as casino and movie nights in the near future.

Kaz would like to say thank you for all the amazing support she has received from her customers over the past 3 months.