CRIME in Bracknell has doubled in the past year but authorities insist it is under control and has nothing to do with the closure of the town’s police station front desk.

According to recent figures on, a record of trends the level of crime throughout the UK, the amount of crime reported in 'Bracknell town' alone has risen from 31 incidents in December 2020 to 62 in November 2021.

These include incidents of theft, public order, shop lifting, and the most prevalent crime reports being violence and sexual offences.

Bracknell News: Bracknell Police Station closed in 2020. Pictured: Specials in 2011Bracknell Police Station closed in 2020. Pictured: Specials in 2011

The News spoke to several councillors and policing officials throughout Bracknell on the issue of crime after the front desk of Bracknell Police station closed at the beginning of the pandemic.

Bullbrook councillor Ian Kirke, who is also an ex-Bracknell town constable, said he has developed a close relationship with the neighbourhood policing team over the years.

He said: “Communicating with the police has seen some impressive advances since I left, and the command and control functions are, in my opinion, more responsive to immediate risks.

“I have not received any adverse comments regarding the changing face of Bracknell Police Station and have been impressed with the culture, commitment, and professionalism of our local officers.”

Bracknell News: Police and crime commissioner Matthew BarberPolice and crime commissioner Matthew Barber

According to councillor John Harrison, a record high of police officers have been recruited both in the local area and the UK in general. This comes as part of the Conservative Government's commitment to boost police numbers nationwide by 20,000.

He said: “I am pleased to see resources being focused on recruiting front line police officers rather than spending money on buildings.”

Over the past three years, the crime levels in Bracknell town were seen to be steadily decreasing. However, despite the boosts to the areas police force, January 2021 saw the first increase of crime in a number of months, and the numbers have steadily increased as the year progressed.

Bracknell News:

Over half of these crimes either led to no suspect being identified or a result where the perpetrator was unable to be prosecuted. 17 percent of crimes that took place in the past 12 months are still under investigation.

Correlating with the local rising figures on sexual violence, the Thames Valley police and crime commissioner Matthew Barber did comment on the large number of violence and sexual offences that dominate the crime numbers.

He said: “When we do see an increase in crime it would be the new types of crime that are recognised more. For example, issues around stalking, harassment, and domestic abuse.

“That’s not to say we are necessarily seeing more of that taking place. We are just recognising that those crimes are more important to the police which is a good position to be in.

“We’ve paid more attention to domestic abuse particularly because we want them to come forward to ask for help because often that’s the biggest step for them is them reaching out.”

Several councillors and TVP have commented about the safety initiatives that are underway in order to deal with anti-social behaviour.

Mr Barber said: There are new opportunities coming in the new year with the safer streets fund so I’m hopeful that we may well get some additional projects to support Bracknell.

Police confirmed that despite the front desk being closed to the public at Bracknell police station, the Incident Crime Response and neighbourhood teams are still operating.