M&S has revealed its 12 days of Christmas food range and our mouths are already watering.

The major retailer has released its festive menu from starters, mains, desserts and "top-notch tipples" and we're ready to add all of it to our baskets.

All items are now available in store and you can see the full collection via the M&S Christmas good brochure.

Whatever your plans are this festive season, this is how you can guarantee your Christmas is not just Christmas but an M&S Christmas.

Marks and Spencer Christmas food 2021

M&S Starters

Molten Cheese Profiteroles

Bracknell News: Molten Cheese Profiteroles. Credit: M&SMolten Cheese Profiteroles. Credit: M&S

These savoury choux buns are filled with a rich and melting cheddar sauce and are topped with pecorino cheese.

They are so good they have been named Best Hot Canapé by the experts at Olive Magazine.

They are available in stores now, pick them up for £5.

Collection Smoked Salmon

Bracknell News: Collection Smoked Salmon. Credit: M&SCollection Smoked Salmon. Credit: M&S

This Good Housekeeping Taste Approved Collection Smoked Salmon will make the perfect addition to your festive breakfast. 

The salmon has been expertly cured and twice smoked over oak shavings by our Master Smoker which means it has a delicate flavour and texture.

It is also RSPCA Assured, will cost you £5 and is available in stores now.

M&S Mains

Collection Perfect Turkey Joint

Bracknell News: Collection Perfect Turkey joint. Credit: M&SCollection Perfect Turkey joint. Credit: M&S

Christmas' main event just got that much better with this Collection Perfect Turkey Joint.

The turkey joint is M&S's tastiest-ever and was even voted the Best Turkey by the experts at BBC Good Food.

It has a buttermilk stock brine and a pork, chestnut, cranberry and sloe gin stuffing as well as an applewood-smoked bacon topping. 

There is even a roast-chicken stock sachet to make your gravy tastier than ever.

The turkey joint is £45 and will be available in stores now.

Collection Turkey Gravy

Bracknell News: Collection Turkey gravy. Credit: M&SCollection Turkey gravy. Credit: M&S

There is no better festive pairing than Turkey and gravy and this collection turkey gravy proves it.

The BBC Good Food Best Gravy award winner is made from Chicken fat, bay leaves and thyme and is completely gluten-free.

It is available for £4 in-store now.

Plant Kitchen Vegan Beef Wellington

Bracknell News: Plant Kitchen Vegan Beef Wellington. Credit: M&SPlant Kitchen Vegan Beef Wellington. Credit: M&S

Calling all vegans, veggies and meat-eaters too, this Plant Kitchen Vegan Beef Wellington will make a delicious alternative to your Christmas table this year.

The tender wheat and pea-based fillet is wrapped in Duxelles and flaky dairy-free pastry.

The Good Housekeeping Taste Approved Wellington is £4 and is available in stores now.

M&S Desserts

Collection Golden Blond Christmas Pudding

Bracknell News: Collection Golden Blond Christmas pudding. Credit: M&SCollection Golden Blond Christmas pudding. Credit: M&S

If you're looking for a festive dessert with a mouthwatering twist, this Collection Golden Blond Christmas Pudding is for you.

M&S has dubbed its recent addition as "THE flavour this Christmas".

The golden blond pudding is made by slowly caramelising white chocolate over several hours.

The winner of the BBC Good Food Christmas Pudding taste test can be yours for £12.

Triple Chocolate Panettone

Bracknell News: Triple Chocolate Panettone. Credit: M&STriple Chocolate Panettone. Credit: M&S

The Triple Chocolate Panettone is back by popular demand this Christmas.

It is filled with milk and dark chocolate chips and sauce.

The Good Housekeeping Taste Approved Panettone is also coated in dark chocolate and topped with golden blond chocolate chips.

Add it to your basket for £10.

Collection Sticky Toffee Crown

Bracknell News: Sticky Toffee Crown. Credit: M&SSticky Toffee Crown. Credit: M&S

If you've got a sweet tooth, you're going to love this Collection Sticky Toffee Crown.

The rich dessert includes a salted caramel sauce and a creamy Madagascan vanilla custard.

It's Good Housekeeping Taste Approved and available in stores now.

Get yours for £20.

Collection Mince Pies

Bracknell News: Collection Mince Pies. Credit: M&SCollection Mince Pies. Credit: M&S

Mince Pies are a Christmas classic and you're going to want to have these festive snacks in your cupboard.

The Good Housekeeping Taste Approved pies are chock full with vine fruits, warming festive spices as well as a "good lashing" of brandy, cider and Cognac.

They are available now for £2.50.

M&S Christmas Cocktails

M&S has released its ‘The Marksologist’ collection which features six ready-to-drink cocktails that will give you a 5-star cocktail bar experience inside your house.

All the ready-to-drink cocktails are £18 for 50cl and are available in store now. 

Bracknell News: The Marksologist collection. Credit: M&SThe Marksologist collection. Credit: M&S

The six ready-to-drink Marksologist cocktails are:

  • Vanilla Espresso Martini
  • Golden Negroni
  • Clover Club
  • Passion Star Martini
  • Verdita Margarita
  • Aged Rum & Cacao Old Fashioned

Golden Blond Chocolate Cream Liqueur

Bracknell News: Golden Blond Chocolate Cream Liqueur. Credit: M&SGolden Blond Chocolate Cream Liqueur. Credit: M&S

This Golden Blond Chocolate Cream Liqueur is sure to get you in the festive spirit in no time. 

The Good Housekeeping Taste Approved liqueur is made from fresh cream at the Ballyrashane Creamery.

Perfect for an after-dinner drink over ice, a 70cl bottle is available for £12.