An abandoned pub that has lay empty for four years has once again prompted complaints of anti-social behaviour within the community.

The Squirrels pub, which was once a thriving hub of activity has deteriorated throughout the years, making the lives of residents a misery.

A local resident, Charlie, who moved to the area one year ago has watched as the building and the area has become a hot bed of anti-social crime and infestation.

He said: “The windows were broken, and the doors and plaster board smashed in.”

“As people walk by, they probably see that the building has been abandoned and because of the lack of security cameras think it can be damaged.”

Charlie claimed a Bentley has also been recovered from the sightafter it was found vandalised in the car park of the property. He reported that this was despite the bollards which blocked the car within the property grounds.

Planning permission for the renovation of the building was submitted in 2019 however the progress of this application is still pending, and no decision has been made as of yet.

He also added: “We were encouraged when we heard that there may be a new restaurant built with the new development, but I think now the best thing to do would be to flatten it and start over.”

The area boasts one of Alfie Best’s mobile home parks where more than 280 new homes have been built for local residents and new homeowners.

“Some of the houses here go for more than £200,000 and it’s a huge eye sore when people come up to visit.”

Bracknell News:

Over the years since the closing of the pub, many complaints and requests have been made to clean the building up or remove it. It is suggested that the vandalism occurs because of the disarray that the building has fallen into.

Residents have said:

“We have made the parish council aware of this anti-social behaviour around the area, but they don’t seem to have anything to say on the matter.”