A MUM-of-two who had Artex ceilings and walls removed believes her council flat has been contaminated with asbestos which her children and partner are breathing in.

Ashleigh Price is concerned housing association Silva Homes are not doing enough to ensure the safety of her family living in Cunworth Court, Bracknell.

However, the company say "there has been no contamination or threat from asbestos-containing materials to the health of the family."

Many homes built before 1980 contain asbestos in old ceiling tiles and insulation.

This only becomes hazardous if the asbestos is damaged, and asbestos dust is released into the air.

Bracknell News:

Ms Price agreed with Silva Homes to have the Artex removed and walls and ceilings re-plastered.

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However, she believes the contracted decorators used PVA glue to fill the holes to 'temporarily make it safe' from asbestos.

"We have been living with two children aged 7 and 2 breathing in disturbed asbestos that wasn't sealed and treated.", she said.

"Silva homes come back and put PVA on the wall as a temporary fix but still waiting as the 3rd party group they use are refusing to come back and finish the work.

"Meanwhile we have still been paying rent. All of our carpets are now contaminated with asbestos and sofa and still no closer to having answers or any recognition that we should not have been left while it's unsafe and to move out the property - it's disgusting."

"We've had a guy out to test the air which has comeback fine but as they have PVA glued the walls now I wouldn't expect it to be positive as that was their solution to temporarily make it safe.

Bracknell News:

"The testing of the air should of been done once the other company scrapped the walls and left it open. We have no proof since the wall scrape that they got all the asbestos so that's as far as we are now and I put in a formal complaint but still no update on getting the walls tested for a sample to be treated as Silva homes plasterers have refused to plaster the walls due to asbestos concerns so they [walls] are still in the same condition as the pictures I sent."

However, Silva Homes said they "take the health and safety of customers very seriously."

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They said how concerns were raised by the plasterer regarding the possibility of asbestos disturbance after worj was carried out to remove the Artex.

Silva Homes said 'investigated before any further work was carried out and instructed a specialist contractor to perform an air test."

The results for asbestos was negative, Silva Homes say.

In a statement they added: "The removal was undertaken by a full HSE licensed contractor and were completed satisfactorily in accordance with all current legislation, guidance and safe working procedures.

"On completion of the work the entire area of work was sprayed with PVA sealant, thus sealing in any residual dust to the unfinished surface, prior to it being re-plastered and decorated.

When asked to re-plaster the walls ready for redecoration, concerns were raised by our plasterer regarding the possibility of asbestos disturbance which, we investigated before any further work was carried out. We instructed a specialist contractor to perform an air test, the results of which were negative. There has been no contamination or threat from asbestos containing materials to the health of the family. All work was carried out in accordance with our asbestos management plan."