Sir John Redwood has rebelled against the Conservative government over new covid-19 self isolation rules.

In a vote in Parliament yesterday (Monday, November 30) MPs were asked to approve the Government’s new coronavirus rules that are aimed at reducing the spread of the Omicron variant.

Sir John, the Conservative MP for Wokingham, voted against rules that require people in England who have been in close contact with suspected Omicron cases to self-isolate for 10 days, even if they have been vaccinated.

He was among the 32 Conservative MPs who rebelled against the Government in the vote.

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Tweeting about his concern, Sir John said: “The new rules on isolation if you have been in contact with a suspected carrier could mean too many people who are well and not infected have to isolate.”

Fellow Conservative MP Adam Afriyie, the representative for Windsor, also voted against the new self-isolation rules.

Ultimately,  the rules were passed with 427 MPs voting in favour and 35 MPs voting against them, a majority of 395.

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There was also a vote on the re-introduction of compulsory face mask wearing in shops and on public transport.

It is understood that both Sir John and Mr Afriyie abstained from that vote.

The re-introduction of the mask mandate was passed with 433 MPs voting in favour and 22 voting against, a majority of 411.

James Sunderland, the Conservative MP for Bracknell, voted in favour of the new self-isolation rules and the re-introduction of the mask mandate.