A councillor who quit the Bracknell Forest Conservative Party before leaving the borough council has confirmed some of the issues revealed in a report about the culture at the authority contributed to his decision to move on. 

Malcolm Tullett quit as a Tory councillor in July before giving up his borough council seat in October. 

He was then kicked-out of the Tory party in what was the latest twist in a months-long local political saga. 

Following this, last week the News revealed the contents of a report into the working culture at Bracknell Forest Council. 

The report indicated nine in ten councillors said bullying takes place between elected members at Bracknell Forest Council. 

It also showed a third of councillors said they have been subjected to or observed anyone being harassed by another councillor.

Labour councillor Mary Temperton said the results showed bullying was an “obvious problem” at BFC. 

But Chief Executive Timothy Wheadon argued otherwise, saying: “bullying and bad behaviour is extremely rare in Bracknell Forest.”

The News asked Mr Tullett if the behaviour issues touched upon in the report were what led to his decision to quit the Bracknell Forest Tory Party and then the council altogether. 

He responded: “I was aware of the issues raised in the report, some of which contributed to my subsequent decisions to resign the whip and then my seat as a Borough councillor for the Old Bracknell ward.
“I have raised several concerns, via the Conservative Party complaints process which will, hopefully, enable an independent review of what is occurring locally.    
“Interpretation can and will vary and I am minded, therefore, to make no further comment, at this stage. 

“I will just let others view the facts and circumstances, in order that they may draw their own conclusions. 
“I am now focusing on new projects and initiatives that are close to my heart and where I can continue to make a difference to communities – namely isolation and loneliness and in particular homelessness. 

“I may even have a bigger reach outside of Bracknell Forest now and am looking forward, rather than backward, with renewed energy and determination.”               

Mr Tullett remains a councillor on Bracknell Town Council. 

His resignation from Bracknell Forest Council triggered a by-election in the Old Bracknell ward, which will be held on December 9. 

The Conservatives have put up former borough cabinet member Iain McCracken for election, whereas Labour have opted for town councillor Paul Bidwell.