New data shows the areas in Bracknell with the highest number of coronavirus cases throughout the pandemic.

Two areas have reported over 1,000 coronavirus cases since the pandemic was declared last year.

The Binfield with Warfield ward of Bracknell Forest has recorded a total 1,215 Covid-19 cases.

The area with the next highest number of cases is Harmans Water, with 1,075 confirmed cases, and the third highest is Priestwood and Garth with 965.

You can view the numbers in your area in table 1 below.

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The figures were presented during a meeting of Bracknell Forest Council’s Local Outbreak Engagement Board yesterday (November 2).

In the meeting, councillors received a presentation from  Gabby Haffner, a health protection specialist at the Berkshire East Public Health Hub, who also showed which areas had the highest number of cases between October 15 and October 21.

The area with the next highest number of new cases is Harmans Water, which recorded 60 cases during that period, with Great Hollands North reporting 55 and Binfield with Warfield reporting 50 fresh cases.

You can view the numbers in your area in table 2 below.

Ms Haffner demonstrated that 50 per cent of the new confirmed cases were in the under 18s age bracket.

She said: “We have experience much higher numbers and that’s very much linked to cases in schools.

“Case rates in some of our neighbouring authorities such as West Berkshire and Wokingham are substantially higher, but they have dropped very much in the last few days, Half Term has given us a bit of a firebreak.

“We’ll have to wait and see whether those numbers creep back up again as the children return to school this week.”

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She also stated that Bracknell Forest has had 198 ‘Covid-19 related deaths’ since the pandemic, which is 153 additional deaths “more than we had expected.”

Ms Haffner said: “Unfortunately the 45 people we would have expected to die in that period, but we’ve had an additional 153 linked to covid.”

You can view tweet coverage of the meeting in the tweet thread here:

Bracknell Forest Council's Local Outbreak Engagement Board met earlier today to discuss the fight against #coronavirus in the area. You can watch the meeting here

— James Aldridge (@jamesAjourno) November 2, 2021

Table 1) Total coronavirus cases in every area of Bracknell Forest 

Binfield with Warfield – 1,215

Harmans Water – 1,075

Priestwood and Garth – 965

Great Hollands North – 960

Hanworth – 870

Bullbrook – 850

Warfield Harvest Ride – 840

College Town – 780

Wildridings and Central – 760

Little Sandhurst and Wellington – 700

Owlsmoor – 625

Ascot – 600

Great Hollands South – 595

Winkfield and Cranbourne – 455

Table 2) New coronavirus cases in every area of Bracknell Forest October 15 to October 21

Harmans Water – 60

Great Hollands North – 55

Binfield with Warfield – 50

Hanworth – 40

Ascot – 35

Crown Wood – 35

Central Sandhurst – 35

Owlsmoor – 35

Old Bracknell – 35

Wildridings and Central – 30

Warfield Harvest Ride – 30

Crowthorne – 30

College Town – 25

Bullbrook – 20

Great Hollands South – 20

Winkfield and Cranbourne – 15