Controversial plans to convert a grand park house in Bracknell into flats have received 40 objections, with sports clubs raising fears that their activities could be hit with complaints if the conversion goes ahead.

UPDATE: Find out whether the plan was approved here

Developers  have applied to convert Lily Hill House and Lily Hill Court, which both currently serve as offices, into 33 flats.

The park house was built in 1817 and is locally listed set amongst Lily Hill Park in Bullbrook.  Lily Hill Court is a two-storey office building that was built in the 1990s.

Now, RJ2 Investment Incorporated has applied to convert both buildings into housing. Of the 33 flats, 20 would be located in the Lily Hill House and 12 would be located in Lily Hill Court.

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The conversion would create 12 one bed or studio apartments, six two-bedroom apartments and 2no. 3 bed apartments. As they are, the offices have 102 car parking spaces – with the developers saying that 59 of these are enough for any new occupants.

But notable objections to the conversion have been submitted by Bracknell Rugby Club and Tennis Club.

Ian Wilson, the chairman of Bracknell Rugby Club, said: “I fear that in turning Lily Hill House and Lily Hill Court from commercial buildings to 33 residential dwellings, we will see an influx of complaints, that we do not currently get, around noise, access, lighting, events etc.

“We enjoy a great relationship with the council and our neighbours and I can see having more new residential dwellings so close to our facilities could ultimately lead to restrictions being imposed which will have a detrimental effect on the running of the club and the enjoyment given to so many.

“I am very surprised that an application for residential dwellings within a Heritage Park are being considered.

“Lily Hill Park provides a tremendous award winning green space facilities for a vast array of people for lots of different purposes. Why would we want to risk changing that?”

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Meanwhile, Andrew Speight, the director of Bracknell Lawn Tennis Club, said: “The tennis is located very close to Lily Hill House. The club operates throughout the day and noise can be expected until late.

“We have a very active playing program in the evenings with courts in use until 11pm and a club bar operating until 11pm also.

“We would be concerned that converting Lily Hill House into residential flats would result in residents complaining about the noise from the tennis club."

Bracknell News: Lily Hill Court, an office block built in the 1990s. Credit: James Aldridge, Local Democracy ReporterLily Hill Court, an office block built in the 1990s. Credit: James Aldridge, Local Democracy Reporter

He continued: "There are currently no residential properties within close proximity to the tennis club.

“We would also be concerned if any windows are overlooking the Tennis Club as we have a large junior program running at the club.

“Changing the use of Lily Hill House could have an impact to the Tennis Club, which provides a place to exercise and play sport in the Bracknell area. The Park may also be impacted by the change in use. We strongly object to this application.”

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Because the application is an office conversion, it is dealt with under a planning law called prior approval.

While the principle of converting offices into flats cannot be disputed, the plan itself can be scrutinised by planning authorities based on what impact it will have on traffic and transport, contamination and flooding issues, any noise impact which could affect future occupiers of the apartments and whether enough light would be provided.

Because Lily Hill House is only locally listed, it is not given the same protection that a fully Listed building has.

You can view plans and the objections by typing reference 21/00755/PAC into Bracknell Forest Council’s planning portal here:

The fate of the application is due to be decided at Bracknell Forest Council’s planning committee meeting on Thursday, November 11.