A FORMER Conservative councillor who suddenly quit the local Tory party in a shock move last summer has now shunned the borough council after claiming he can do more for residents outside the authority.

Malcolm Tullett, who was standing as an Independent Conservative in the Old Bracknell ward, has resigned from Bracknell Forest Council.

In July, he quit the Conservative party on the borough council after telling the News he felt he could not ‘properly represent his residents’ while serving as part of the Tory group.

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However, Mr Tullett chose to stay on as a Tory councillor at Bracknell Town Council, a move which prompted ‘political infighting’ among the local Conservative group.

Asked for comment by the News about his sudden departure from BFC, Mr Tullett said he was proud to have served residents after leading investigations into problem-areas such as Blue Badge disparity and social isolation and loneliness prevalence.

He added: “It has been a privilege to serve the residents and I am proud of what I have achieved on the committees on which I have served.

“I remain committed to making a difference and driving positive change regarding causes which matter to me, such as isolation and homelessness.

“It is my intention to focus my efforts where they can be of most use.

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“I am going to carry on doing that at the Town Council because there is still work for me to do.

“I can do a lot more for the residents outside the borough council.

“I am unable to make any further comment at this stage.”

Mr Tullett remains a Conservative councillor on Bracknell Town Council.

He hung onto the Conservative whip at BTC despite temporarily losing his status as a Tory councillor following ‘political infighting’ in the local group.

Labour accused the Conservatives of politicising Bracknell Town Council after a move was made in September to remove Cllr Tullett from his position as chair of the environmental services committee.

His decision to leave the borough council altogether has triggered a by-election in the borough which will see residents elect a new councillor on Thursday, December 9.