Are you brave enough to visit the most haunted places in Berkshire this Halloween?

We already know of Windsor Castle being haunted by Henry VIII, but this isn't the only place to have visitors from the paranormal world.

We have shared this map documenting some spooky sightings and ghostly apparitions that are said to have taken place in Berkshire- some of them might have happened on a street near you.

One of the spooky stories involves a smiling elderly lady, believed to be an old servant who has been witnessed on a landing, where a cold spot is reported.

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Bracknell News:

Another haunted sighting involves a figure wearing a red uniform and smoking a pipe seen staring out of a window.

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He is said to be Captain Edward Purvis who was the first recorded occupant of this house in 1794, and fought at the Battle of Corunna in the Peninsular War.

Information sourced from UK Haunted Locations Database.

Another story involves the legend of a spectral ostler who hanged himself in one of the stables in The Stag and Hounds, Binfield.

Over in Ascot, Charles Davies, who once owned Old Huntsman's House was hunstman to Queen Anne and is said to haunt this building.

He died of a broken neck when he was thrown from his horse. A legend says that if a portrait of him is removed from the house, Davies will be seen until it is replaced.

To find out if any ghosts live near you visit the map here

Have you seen any of these ghouls or do you have a spooky story of your own? Let us know in the comments.