Bracknell Forest Council has given details of how it aims to fight coronavirus this winter amid a nationwide rise in cases.

The area has consistently had the lowest coronavirus cases and infection rates in Berkshire.

Now, a spokesperson for the council has given details on its preparations for winter amid discussion about the national Government’s winter plan.

The Government is gearing up for the possibility of implementing its Plan B for the remaining months of the year.

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Whereas Plan A mean things carrying on as normal with virtually no restrictions – other than a demand for anyone with coronavirus to self isolate – Plan B is must stricter, and involves rolling out a vaccine passport for access to some events and the reintroduction of the mask mandate.

Bracknell Forest Council is apparently ‘ready’ to implement Plan B restrictions should they come into force.

The spokesperson for the council said: “The council is ready to play its part in the implementation of Plan B measures should this be required.

“The council has been advising members of the public using a comprehensive comms programme on how to stay safe, when to get tested for COVID-19, when and how to get vaccinated for COVID-19 and flu using the full spectrum of communications tools.”

The news comes as third ‘booster jabs’ have been offered to eligible people who are clinically extremely vulnerable and those aged 16 to 65 in at risk groups for covid since late September.

The spokesperson said: “As people become eligible to receive their booster (i.e. when clinically indicated) they are being invited directly by letter/texts with details on how to book. Frimley CCG website gives further details: COVID-19 Vaccination | Frimley Health and Care

“Boosters will be delivered by the local vaccination sites.”

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Yet the spokesperson not give any information about any walk-in, on demand vaccination centres in Bracknell Forest, or give information about where people can get tested.

Anyone who would like a first or second dose of a coronavirus vaccine can find information on where they can book their vaccination here

You can test for coronavirus in Bracknell in these four ways:

  1. By getting a test at the One Lexicon, Bracknell rapid test centre and community collect site
  2. by collecting a home test kit from a community collect site
  3. by collecting a home test kit from a pharmacy
  4. by ordering a home test kit on GOV.UK

There are also concerns that school premises are being targeted by vaccine-sceptics.

Earlier this year coronavirus and vaccine-sceptic magazine The Light was found in Bracknell and subsequently condemned by Charlotte Pavitt, one of the council’s consultants for Public Health.

The spokesperson confirms that schools in Bracknell have been visited by vaccine-sceptic protesters.

They said: “While there has been a low level of anti-vaxers at Bracknell Forest secondary schools, they have been swiftly managed by the police.

“We will continue to work with partner agencies as necessary to respond to such incidents.

“The COVID-19 and flu vaccination programme for secondary schools is due to finish a couple of weeks after half term.”

The half term runs until Friday, October 29.