A PAIR of boffins from Bracknell have walked away with £2,500 after triumphing on the popular TV quiz show Pointless.

Ted and Kayleigh appeared on the popular BBC One programme on Thursday, October 21 and claimed the jackpot after fending off competition from three other pairs, including a father-and-son duo from Wokingham.

The pair won the top prize in their very first appearance on the show.

Ted introduced Kayleigh as his ‘illustrious wife to be’ and said the couple were ‘from a place called Bracknell.’

The Bracknell man said he had been with his fiancée for five years and worked as a library assistant locally.

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Richard Osman, the show’s co-host, said he “would not have guessed Ted worked in a library.”

To which Ted replied: “It takes some getting used to when people find out!”

The game’s objective is to answer open-ended trivia questions with as niche an answer as possible.

Scores are given to contestants based on the number of people from 100 surveyed who said the same thing as the game players did.

For example, if from 100 people surveyed 50 people gave a particular answer to a question, and the contestant also gave that answer, they would get 50 points.

The objective of the game is to move through the rounds scoring as low a number as possible.

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Ted got a pointless answer in round one meaning that no one from the 100 people the show’s producers surveyed said the same thing as he did.

When Kayleigh took to the podium she told Alexander Armstrong, the other host, that she runs an events company for children’s parties.

The presenter responded by saying “you make a lot of noise while Ted goes around telling people to ‘Shhh’!”

The pair sailed through the first round comfortably but the second round was tighter after the contestants answered questions on the Olympic Games.

In a head-to-head, the pair squeezed through the semi-final after coming from behind to win a best of three against their competition.

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By reaching the final, the pair were awarded the show’s Pointless trophy and given the chance to win the programme’s jackpot of £2,500.

They were quizzed on UK sitcoms and tasked with finding a pointless answer to maximise their winnings.

Asked what they would do with the cash prize if they won, Kayleigh responded: “We’re getting married next year so it will probably go towards that.

“We’re also moving house as well.”

Ted replied: “I’m in agreement with Kayleigh -- whatever she says, I’ll put my half towards.”

The duo secured a pointless answer with the first of their three given answers and secured the £2,500 jackpot.

The episode is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.