A hard working Dad from Bracknell has reacted with fury after he claims he was refused a payout on a bet he placed at the Ladbrokes in the town centre.

David Toomey, 59, from Easthampstead, was working on maintenance outside McDonald’s in The Keep when he decided to go betting at the Ladbrokes in Bracknell High Street.

Mr Toomey lost a total of £200 in three bets, but decided to place one more bet.

He said: “I was walking out and I thought, ‘I’m going to go back and place one more £100 bet’.

“It’s called chasing money and it’s very bad, but the dog on that £100 bet romped home in an easy win, it was three dogs lengths ahead.

“But then I was told ‘your bet was four seconds late’.”

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Yet the bet, he claims, was in fact placed 38 seconds in time. At this point, Mr Toomey said: “I disputed it. I’m a nice person but sorry, I’m allowed to say ‘you’re ripping me off’.”

Adding: “Why would you withhold a legitimate bet?

“There’s something amiss there and I don’t like it. It’s very demoralising, because I can’t afford it.”

Mr Toomey said he eventually got his payout, but only after he visited the Ladbrokes in Priestwood Square which confirmed the legitimacy of his bet.

He said: “Luckily I got the ticket back, because all they would give me was my £100 stake.

“I went over to Jennings and they said it’s not out of time.  Then I went to the Ladbrokes in Priestwood, and the two ladies there were wonderful.

“They said it was in time by 38 seconds, and rang up the High Street Ladbrokes and said ‘you need to pay him’.

“I did get my money in the end, but the anxiety was horrible.”

Bracknell News: David Toomey was unhappy at not receiving his pay-out at the Ladbrokes in Bracknell High Street. Credit: David ToomeyDavid Toomey was unhappy at not receiving his pay-out at the Ladbrokes in Bracknell High Street. Credit: David Toomey

He added that he gave each of the women at Ladbrokes in Priestwood £5 for helping him, leaving him £15 better off than when he started.

Mr Toomey has a warning for other people who may feel tempted to gamble.

He said: “That was a bad day for me, but to win and not get something back, that was a horrible, and when you’re only getting £15 in profit it’s not worth it.

“I was chasing money. I used to gamble years ago.

“I’m a family man I don’t usually gamble, but it was a rainy day so I thought I’d have a little play. I’m embarrassed by it.

“I’m a nice person, I donate to charity, and I made a mistake gambling like that. That was a bad day for me.

“I’ve learnt my lesson, I’m not going gambling any more.”

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Mr Toomey said he has made a complaint to Ladbrokes.

Gambling premises require licences to operate. Gambling is regulated in Bracknell Forest by the Public Protection Partnership (PPP), which handles licensing and other public protection matters in Bracknell, Wokingham Borough and West Berkshire.

The PPP has advised any suspected gambling malpratice to be reported to the gambling company, the Gambling Commission and the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS).

Several attempts have been made to contact Ladbrokes for a comment but no response has been received.