ITALIAN food is a cuisine loved by many in Bracknell and the average Brit will chomp down 731 pizza's in their lifetime.

Whether it's a frozen meat feast in the oven job or a trip to your local Italian restaurant, pizza will also be a meal we can rely on.

Bracknell is also fortunate to have so many lovely independent Italian taverns selling hand-stretched, authentic pizzas.

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So, with that in mind, we've scoured Tripadvisor to find the best places in Bracknell for pizza.

Bracknell News:

Here are the top 5:


The dough has been highly praised by diners eating at Prezzo.

It has 24 excellent reviews out of 279, giving it a high rating.

One reviewer said: "had the pepper and goat cheese pizza which was very colourful and tasty."

Another added: "Collectively we tried the pastas, pizzas, and calzones, and can safely say they’re all a very good choice! We would absolutely visit Prezzo again."

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Zizzi - 4 stars

Another restaurant-chain has made it in the top spot for having the best pizza in Bracknell.

It boasts four stars with 312 reviews and customers love their tomatoey pizzas.

One person said "It's worth visiting Zizzi's at the Lexicon just for that. Exquisite. Our waitress was lovely and the pizzas were excellent."

You get your moneys worth too with the portion sizes.

One customer said: "I went as part of a large party for a leaving do, The restaurant did really well with hot food delivered in good time. The pizza was enormous but still managed to eat it all - it was very tasty!"

Bracknell News:

Papa John's Pizza - 4 stars

Now if you're looking to stay at home this Saturday, then order a Papa Johns.

This takeaway pizza option is a 'go to' for some residents in the area.

One person gave a very descriptive review of why they choose to eat at Papa John's.

They said: "Papa johns is far and away the best pizza delivery place. Dominos have nothing on them. Always swift service every time I order from the Bracknell store"

Another added: "First time, excellent taste, fast hot food delivery, my new go to for Pizza. Haven't finished the pizza, but had to write the review, I would recommend this pizza take away."

Pizza Express - 3.5 stars

You won't be disappointed if you come to Pizza Express in Bracknell.

The pizzas are served hot and 'straight out of the oven'. The service is also fab too according to a diner.

One person said: "The pizza was hot straight from the oven - unlike other Pizza places I have been to. Restaurant was busy but we were served immediately and food came quickly. This is the second visit to this restaurant, both were great. Fabulous place to come before and after the cinema."

They also cater for people with special dietary requirements/allergies.

One person said: "Another very nice pizza lunch for a gluten free coeliac. I always feel 'safe' at Pizza Express branches."

Don Beni

An independent in Chavey Down Road has made it to the list - hurrah!

The Italian restaurant as 258 reviews with 111 praising it for being excellent.

Not only that, the pizzas are delicious and cooked thin and crispy.

A diner said: "We both had pizzas which were huge and had ample toppings. Much better value than the chains eg Zizzi, Pizza Express etc."

Another praised the variety of options on the menu: "Nice pasta, hearty pizzas and yummy seafood. Good selection of others too. I wish I could make their lasagna. "