A WOMAN has slammed a housing group for cutting down a "perfectly health tree".

Caroline Burgess from Ascot said she felt "really upset" at Abri for carrying out the works.

The housing association group said a survey was carried out on the trees located behind The Lodge, 12 Sunninghill Road.

The report found three trees to have "posed a threat to safety" but Caroline disputes this claim.

She said: "The tree is healthy, my window faced that tree and it was beautiful and caused no problems at all.

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"Why cut it down when it doesn't need to be? There's nothing we can do now but I am really upset by it. They've never been a problem at all, they're well set back on the grass area and not too close to the road."

The trees were located on the corner of a cottage where the previous owners had died.

She assumed it may have been to do with a new development at the site but when she contacted Abri they said no plans have been mentioned.

She said: "I phoned up the complain. We all feel like we're exposed, we want our surroundings looking good. It's just ridiculous, they were just umming and ahing on the phone which means they're stupid."

Abri said the works were carried out and agreed with by specialist tree surgeons.

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They assessed the trees and were advised they needed to be taken down.

A spokesman for Abri said: "We wrote to our customers and nearby residents to make them aware of what we were proposing. The felling of the trees was welcomed as they obscured visibility along Kingswick Drive and made it difficult to use the public footpath.

“In total, four trees have been felled; two of which were dead, one unstable grafted oak and a maple tree. None of the trees had Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and no other trees will be taken down. The work to chip and clear the timber will be completed by Friday 15 October.”