A MUM looking after her seriously-ill daughter is fundraising to make it easier for parents when visiting hospitals frequently.

Shelley Neale from Bracknell says the past year has been "challenging" for her with visits to Frimley Park Hospital almost every day.

Her daughter Sophia was born with an airway defect condition called Tracheobronchomalacia, which causes the airways to become weak and collapse when doing something as simple as coughing.

The three-year-old also has problems with her blood and immune system which leads to continuous infections.

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Bracknell News:

She often has to have blood transfusions and three times a week GCSF treatment to help her neutropenia, so she can fight infections better.

Shelley has praised the nurses at Frimley Park Hospital for being "like her family" during the past year and doctors for motivating her to get fresh air and exercise whilst her daughter is in hospital.

As such, the boot camp which she attends at Immortal Fitness in Finchampstead is helping raise the funds needed for emergency hospital packs by running the Reading Half Marathon in November.

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Shelley has described what it has been like dealing with her daughter's condition.

She said: "It's been really hard but what choice do you have? Sophia is a happy little thing, it's all she's ever known as a child and I'm very lucky she tolerates things really well.

"But we often are in hospital so I wanted to raise money for emergency packs for parents on the wards. Things get forgotten like sanitary towels, deodorant, eye masks and having them there ready would relieve some pressure. These packs will be made up for parents that have had to stay unexpectedly and have nothing with them. There is nothing worse when you are worried for your child and have nothing with you."

Shelley would also like to be able to put items such as baby shampoo, flannels, hot chocolate and sweeteners in the parents rooms as this is something wards aren't supplied with.

The full-time carer said: "You just have to keep going, keep being an advocate for your child. You're the parent and if they can keep going then so can you."

The fundraising page has raised £750 so far and hopes to reach a target of £1,000.

Shelley has also thanked her trainer Stuart Lewington and friends at Team Immortal for being so supportive during Sophia's time in hospital.

Visit: https://gofund.me/d9d4e102 to donate.