SAFETY officers made a ‘disturbing’ discovery last month when they found a man living in a shed in an unnamed Bracknell restaurant.

Employees from the Public Protection Partnership, the organisation that deals with public health issues in Bracknell Forest, made the discovery ‘during a routine inspection’ of the site.

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They found the man -- who was a restaurant employee -- using cardboard for insulation but the shed has now been shut down.

A PPP spokesperson said the discovering was “disturbing”.

They added: “The officers have now worked to ensure that the shed was taken out of use for habitation and worked with the restaurant owner to ensure improvements in workers’ on-site accommodation.

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“Other colleagues from Compliance and Programme (Food), Trading Standards, and the Fire Service were also involved in securing necessary improvements at the premises.

“The Public Protection Partnership has a range of services and functions relating to housing, supporting landlords and tenants in ensuring properties and living conditions within our area meet minimum standards.”