A TEENAGER hurled abuse towards police after he was caught riding an e-scooter dangerously.

Thames Valley Police said they saw a 17-year-old on an e-scooter 'doing doughnuts' in the middle of South Hill Park.

They said their officers tried to educate the rider but he decided to swear at them.

Bracknell PCSO's (police community support officers) arrested the teenager because of his poor behaviour.

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As such, he has been reported for driving with no insurance and his e-scooter has been seized.

Police said the offence carries a £300 fine, six penalty points and additional costs to recover his e-scooter.

They said: "Last night officers witnessed a male on an E-Scooter, doing doughnuts in the middle of South Hill Park (not the kind we like!)

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"The officers tried to engage and educate the rider, but he decided to swear at the officers, before leaving. He was detained by PCSOs and spoken to regarding his behaviour."

E-scooters are illegal to use in public but are allowed on private land.

Currently, there are government-backed trials taking place across the country where people can rent e-scooters, but the rider must have a valid driving licence and the e-scooter company will provide motor insurance for them to be used.