A CUSTOMER scared of spiders was shocked after finding a web in a bunch of bananas he bought from Morrisons.

Rafal Murawski from Bracknell purchased the fruit from Morrisons in The Peel Centre on Tuesday, October 5, before claiming to find a Brazilian wandering spiders nest.

The customer said he felt shocked to discover the banana had a web on it as he suffers from arachnophobia-- a fear of spiders.

He said: "What I find on one of the bananas shocked me really well as I have arachnophobia.

"That was neat of Brazilian wandering spider as you can see on picture. Same bananas where a nest of the most venomous spider in the world has been find just hours ago."

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Mr Murawski popped back into Morrisons to speak to a manager but claims he was 'completely ignored' and wasn't offered a new bunch.

He said: "I was really surprised that no action has been taken because I have find so many articles about same situations in other stores like Sainsbury's, Aldi, Lidl in the last few years and they always search for spider in the store to prevent people been bite by those spider.

"She completely ignored me and smiled when I said that if someone is bitten by those spiders they may die within hours."

But the supermarket apologised to the customer and said their bananas are sourced from Ecuador, which have spiders considered of 'low level toxicity'.

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They believe the bananas purchased by the customer were sourced from Ecuador in South America.

Spiders with higher levels of toxicity are found mainly in Brazil, a country which Morrisons say they do not source bananas from.

A Morrisons spokesperson 'We're sorry that the customer was worried, but we can confirm our bananas are not sourced from Brazil.'