STREET art similar to the likes of Banksy has appeared in Bracknell overnight.

The artwork by Peachy appeared in the borough on Bagshot Road.

His Instagram page showcases other artwork he has done in Berkshire, including a spray painting for a baby in Caversham Primary School.

Peachy has also done pieces of art in Reading, on Caversham Bridge.

The street art is similar to the likes of Banksy with its political messages and silhouetted style.

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Peachy's latest artwork shows a toddler crying on the floor with the words, 'Insult Britain' in the colours of the Insulate Britain logo.

It comes after the campaign group have blocked a number of roads across England, including the M24, A1, M3 roads.

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The climate protesters have caused disruption and fury to people trying to get to work, with one woman desperately pleading with a protester to move so she could follow her mother in the ambulance.

Peachy's latest pieces -- two similar pieces discovered in the town -- take aim at the eco-demonstrators, who have split opinions nationwide with their method of protesting. 

Bracknell News: Photo by Kerrie MitchellPhoto by Kerrie Mitchell

Explaining his designs, Peachy told the News: “They are not protesting at all. 

“They believe they are trying to give something back... when in reality they are taking away... and in a ridiculous manner as well! 

!It is not a protest when you disrupt thousands of people's lives to try and get your point across, people losing out on wages, ambulances and emergency services not getting help up... it is an insult what they are doing. 

Bracknell News: Photo by Lee ClarkPhoto by Lee Clark

“At least my paint can be cleaned away and it does not harm or disrupt anyone!”

Insulate Britain is calling for the UK government to fully fund and take responsibility for the insulation of all social housing by 2025.