A resident in Bracknell has questioned why roofs need replacing in their area after receiving a letter from their housing association.

The unidentified resident has complained to housing association Silva Homes after it sent out a letter to leaseholders informing them of its intention to appoint a new roofing contractor.

Silva Homes is based in Bracknell and runs several housing estates in the town.

The leaseholder’s complaint letter, which the Local Democracy Reporting Service is party to, expressed ‘stress and anxiety’ raising fears roofs throughout their residential estate will be replaced.

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The leaseholder’s letter relates to Silva Homes properties in Kimberley and Jevington, two residential streets in Bracknell.

They felt that it is inappropriate to replace roof coverings which are structurally ‘sound’.

The resident wrote to Silva Homes: “As I am sure you are aware the dwellings in Kimberley and Jevington were constructed in the late seventies. A Redland Grovebury tile has been fitted to these properties which as I understand have a lifespan of 60 years. I have contacted BMI Redland Technical Solutions to confirm this so therefore could you explain why you intend to replace sound roof coverings well before they require replacement.

“In May of this year Leaseholders in Kimberley and Jevington were notified of Silva Homes intention to enter into a long term agreement to improve the fire safety of the buildings which I can well understand but I have to say I am absolutely dismayed at your intentions with regards to roof coverings which have no grounds.

“I cannot state the amount of stress and anxiety you have caused to your customers with regards to the poor way you have handled your intentions which I suspect have an ulterior motive.”

Bracknell News: Kimberley in Bracknell. Credit: Google MapsKimberley in Bracknell. Credit: Google Maps

The tenant’s complaint was also sent to James Sunderland, the Conservative MP for Bracknell, Bracknell Forest Council leader Paul Bettison (Conservative, Little Sandhurst & Wellington) and Cllrs Gill Birch and Michael Skinner, both Conservative representatives for Hanworth.

The letter was addressed to Daks Pratley, a senior surveyor at Silva Homes.

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The housing association has replied by saying that only roofs that are eligible for replacement will have work done, and that the search for a new roof contractor is subject to a consultation.

A spokeswoman for Silva Homes said: “As part of the process when awarding new contracts, we must run a consultation that is open to all leaseholders.

“We do not plan on replacing all roofs, especially not those that are in good condition and where there is no requirement to do so.

“When in place, the new contractor will be available for all repairs and roofing works over the next three years. We will be carrying out repairs to roofs where there is an issue that requires attention.

“We expect to have a contract agreed within the next couple of months.”

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The spokeswoman added that there will be no financial implications for customers  of Silva Homes.

A letter sent to leaseholders lists reasons for replacement as:

  • Renewal of existing roof coverings
  • Incorporating provision of/upgrading loft insulation
  • Removal of redundant water tanks
  • Complete renewal of bargeboards, fascias soffits and rainwater goods
  • Renewal of all lead flashing and valley gutters
  • Brickwork repairs to chimneystacks and parapets

Properties eligible for such works have not been identified yet, but will be targeted based on age and condition of the roofs.

The consultation period for the roof contract selection ended in September.

Leaseholders can send queries by emailing service.charge@silvahomes.co.uk