A thief who stole fuel from petrol stations on eight separate occasions has been arrested near Reading.

On Friday, Thames Valley Police stopped a driver in Winnersh who had stolen fuel multiple times, and who also tested positive for cocaine use.

When officers pulled the driver over they attempted to give false details and claimed to be a family member, but the police were not convinced when they looked at their drivers licence. Eventually the offender gave up the act and gave officers the correct details.

Bracknell News: Police discovered suspected cocaine in the vehiclePolice discovered suspected cocaine in the vehicle

Officers also conducted a drugs test, which found traces of cocaine in their system. Police also found suspected cocaine in the vehicle.

The driver was arrested under suspicion of driving whilst disqualified, drug driving, driving without insurance, obstructing a police officer, possession of class a A drug, shoplifting and eight instances of leaving without paying for fuel.

Bracknell News: The driver failed a roadside drugs test, testing positive for cocaineThe driver failed a roadside drugs test, testing positive for cocaine

In a social media post, Thames Valley Police Roads Policing said: “Please remember, if you’re out there committing crime, you’ve got to be lucky not to get caught every time. We just have to get lucky once.”