A BRACKNELL resident is set to compete in plus-sized beauty pageant, after reaching the final stages of the competition.

Rosie Thompson, a 22 year old Bracknell resident, is preparing to take part in the finals of Miss Voluptuous UK, set to take place in July 2022.

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Currently, there are 25 finalists all pining for the top spot, however there will be awards issued for different categories.

Ms Thompson said: "Miss Voluptuous UK is different as, finally, we have a plus-sized beauty pageant.

"We've grown up with the skinny princesses in the Disney films, and we've never really had a role model.

"I've always been a curvy girl in school and never really fit in with all the skinny girls. This pageant shows that anybody of any size can be beautiful and compete in a pageant."

The competition is split into six stages, with each stage being scored on a points system: Firstly, there's an opening number with a catwalk and simple dance routine, followed by each contestant introducing themselves and their 'platform', followed by a panel-style interview with fashionable, smart business-wear in block colour, followed by 'Eco-wear', where contestants must show creativity by creating an outfit out of materials less than £5, followed by a glitzy, glamorous and playful fashion wear, and finally a formal evening gown stage, where contestants must wear a full-length evening gown and show poise, presence and confidence.

Bracknell News:

Ms Thompson added: "My platform is Women’s Health in the Workplace and Education.

"The aim of the pageant is to raise awareness for different charities and organisations that aren't really talked about, and also I want to set-up some fundraising events in Bracknell and raise awareness of women's health.

"I suffer form Endometriosis and PCOS myself, and I know that is really difficult to deal with in a work place, having to cope with having women's health issues. My goal is to spread awareness to those illnesses.

"We have policies and understanding surrounding mental health - I want to see women's health seen as the same."

Ms Thompson explained that she, among other women members of staff at her current job, are working on putting together a manager's toolkit on how to talk staff regarding the issue.

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This is among a broad selection of charities, organisations and activities that Ms Thompson is working alongside - including Endometriosis UK, Verity PCOS, and the British Menopause Society.

The pageant will crown a Miss Voluptuous United Kingdom (aged 18-30), a Ms Voluptuous United Kingdom (aged 31+), and a winner from each of the four UK nations (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales).

For more information, visit https://www.missvoluptuousuk.co.uk/.