A PETITION to re-open a section of parking that was closed off in Crowthorne Wood has been launched after the closure caused backlash amongst residents.

A number of car parking spaces at the Crowthorne Wood car park, Forester's Way roundabout, Crowthorne, were blocked off to the public since early January 2021.

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This has caused disruption with locals in the area, as residents have said that this parking limit has added to the "attrition of car parking" in the area, as other car parks have been closed in Crowthorne and Ascot.

One petition supporter said "the car park should be enlarged, not reduced", and another supporter said:= "Now approximately six cars can park there. People will start to park in awkward and dangerous places."

The petition against the part-closure, installed by car park owners the Crown Estate, was first started around six months ago, and has since amassed more than 100 supporters.

Bracknell News:

Nick Carter, the man who started the petition, said: "People will say that 'you have the Look Out car park' but that is not always open, and the Look Out is not really a natural car park - you're not going to see a deer until you've walked at least a mile from it, but I've seen deer in the Crowthorne Wood car park. It is a more natural car park."

Nick also explained some of the issues with reducing the car parking spaces on the petition website, stating: "The reduced capacity will lead to overspill and dangerous parking nearby."

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Mr Carter has been leading the campaign by putting flyers on the windscreens of those parking at the site, in order to raise awareness for his petition. So far, the petition has gained a total of 121 signatures.

The Royal Estate did not provide a comment in time for this publication, however did confirm that safety measures had been put in place at the entrance of Crowthorne Wood to prevent obstruction to the A3095.

To sign the petition, visit https://www.change.org/p/crown-estate-we-ask-the-crown-estate-to-restore-car-parking-for-crowthorne-forest-at-frp9-next-to-a3095.