AFTER scorching temperatures at the start of the week, it has felt a lot cooler in recent days - so what is the weekend weather predicting?

It's looking to be a bit gloomy and grey with glimpses of sun as it draws to a close on Sunday.

Although the weather isn't looking like much to write home about, there are plenty of events still going ahead across the county to keep you busy.

In today's outlook, Friday, September 10, what started off as a grey and overcast morning will have glimpses of sunshine throughout the day and scattered showers.

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There will be some sunny spells and we move into the evening and there is a risk of thunderstorms - the maximum temperature in Berkshire will be 21C.

Saturday will start off cloudy but it is expected to turn brighter through the day, though light showers remain possible.

Sunday and Monday are looking cloudy with patchy rain though there is a risk of heavier rain and thunderstorms.

Here's the Met Office forecast, obviously this may be subject to change:


The weather forecast on Friday looks overcast changing to light showers by lunchtime.

10am - cloud - 18 degrees.

1pm - cloud and rain - 20 degrees.

4pm - cloud and rain - 21 degrees.

7pm - cloud and rain - 20 degrees.


The forecast is less accurate for the weekend but the Met Office said it will be overcast with sunny intervals throughout the day. The top temperature will be 21 degrees.

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10am - cloud - 17 degrees.

1pm - sunshine and cloud - 20 degrees.

4pm - cloud - 21 degrees.

7pm - cloud - 19 degrees.

10pm - cloud - 17 degrees.


10am - sunshine and cloud - 16 degrees.

1pm - cloud - 19 degrees.

4pm - cloud - 20 degrees.

7pm - cloud - 18 degrees.

What are your plans this weekend? Let us know in the comments.