A McDonald's in Bracknell has been slammed as one of the "worst ever" with "long queues" and "missing food".

Disgruntled customers of McDonald's in Wildridings Road deemed the restaurant to be among the worst in Bracknell, with 49 one-star reviews.

Taking to Tripadvisor, unsatisfied foodies slammed the chain as "horrendous" with "huge queues".

On one occasion, a furious customer renamed the chain "McCr*p", saying the service is awful due to the long queues backing onto the dual carriageway.

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The restaurant received an overall rating of 2.5 stars, with 123 total reviews, 19 of which were "excellent".

To let you be the judge, we complied some of the worst one-star reviews.


"I had a grilled chicken salad which was appalling.

"There were two bits of chicken . One was not cooked and couldn’t separate it as it was undercooked.

"If I’m ill in the night there will be a formal complaint to Mc Donald’s."


"This place just gets worse. Delivery drivers causing huge queues of ordinary customers after abandoning their cars on the double yellow lines. No bacon rolls (again). Bacon not defrosted (again). Do not come here. Turn around. Go back."

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"The worst customer service and intelligence of staff ever inside.

"Once the food finally arrived my wife who was trying the new big mac bacon said it was literally slapped together! Won't be stopping here again."


"I go to take a bite and see there is a big long black hair in my wrap!

"This is disgusting and I will be taking the issue further. I appreciate this is a fast food chain but this does not exclude them from having standards... disgusting."

'Worst example of a McDonald's I have ever seen'

"Staff directing traffic to block the public road instead of using their own drive thru area, staff directing customers inside to non-existent queues and then telling them to rejoin the back after a 20 minute wait, orders consistently wrong and cold food.

"Then as we left we witnessed staff letting their friends jump a 20 car queue and serve them personally while everyone else waited."

'Wouldn't feed this to my dog'

"Disgusting! Worst meal you could possibly eat. Yuk! Sweaty, droopy and smelly burgers. I feel sick just writing this."

Despite more than half of the reviews being negative, there were several positive reviews from customers.

'Best McDonald's I've visited!'

"I often take my children for a happy meal after a long day trip on a Saturday to various different towns and locations, but have never come across a McDonald's that caters for children so well.

"The staff were VERY helpful with warming, and didn't get the usual don't care response from them."

McDonald's was approached for a comment but did not respond in time of publication.