For this week’s Bygones, we will be looking back at the spring/summer of 1964, where it was wedding season.

Taking a look at our archives, many people from the town and its surrounding areas decided to tie the knot that year, and, as the summer days are slowly turning into autumn, we will be reminding ourselves of who officially became one 57 years ago.

Bracknell News: Alan Morris and Josephine EdwardsAlan Morris and Josephine Edwards

We will also look at how 1964 was the year a popular car festival was launched in Bracknell, as well as how two pilots were given a dream job during the same period.

One of the couples that became one in 1964 were Mr Richard Silvester of South Ascot and Miss Carole Nobbs of Fernbank Road, Ascot.

Bracknell News: Alexander MacSwan and Brenda Davis - BracknellAlexander MacSwan and Brenda Davis - Bracknell

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Another couple who tied the knot were William Ward of Ellis Road, Crowthorne and Shirley Brown of Broad Lane, Bracknell.

Bracknell News: Richard Silvester and Carole NobbsRichard Silvester and Carole Nobbs

The two married at Shephard’s Lane Methodist Church in Bracknell back in April 1964.

Alan Morris, from Dalston, London officially married Josephine Edwards of Nightingale Crescent, Bracknell in the 1960s at the East Hampstead Parish Church.

Bracknell News: William Ward and Shirley Brown - BracknellWilliam Ward and Shirley Brown - Bracknell

At the same venue at around the same time, the wedding of Alexander MacSwan of Makepeice Road, Bracknell and Brenda Davis, of Dundas Close, Bracknell also took place.

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Another wedding that took place in 1964 was the ceremony of P. Ellis and his bride, L. Dopson.

Bracknell News: P. Ellis and L. DopsonP. Ellis and L. Dopson

The duo were wedded at the All Saints’ Church in Wokingham, with the two enjoying a trip to Paris for their honeymoon.

Away from weddings, another significant event in 1964 was that the first-ever Daffodil Run began.

Originally started in Wokingham, the Daffodil Run saw car enthusiasts in their classic motors (yep – there were ‘classic and vintage’ cars that motorists kept in the 1960s), get involved in a 70 ¼ mile trip that start at the Bracknell Sports Stadium to the Beaulieu, which is the home to the National Motor Museum.

Bracknell News: The car event began in 1964The car event began in 1964

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One of the first-ever participants, Mr Don Lee, took part in a 1912 Unic which was the first car to start the race, but it finished 13th.

Secretary, Mr Rex Tapley, said of Mr Lee: “Mr Lee did well to finish at all.

“We had absolutely appalling rain halfway there.”

Bracknell News: The 1912 UnicThe 1912 Unic

Finally, 1964 saw two pilots from Wokingham become some of the first pilots to fly the-then brand new Vickers VC10.

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Bracknell News: Captain ChalmersCaptain Chalmers

The plane, which was introduced by the BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation), launched in April of that year, with Captain Frederick ‘Sam’ Walgate and Captain Ronald Chalmers, coincidentally, both from Arthur Road within the town, becoming two of the first pilots to take charge of the vehicles.

Bracknell News: Captain Chalmers Captain Chalmers

Overall, 54 models were made of the VC10 before they were discounted in September 2013.