THE WEATHER has been up and down and can't seem to make up its mind up.

July saw scorching temperatures with highs of up to 30 degrees but it looks as if the heatwave was only temporary.

We spoke to the Met Office to find out whether there's still a chance of a heatwave and find out what August has in store for us.

The weather forecasters have given details on what the outlook will be for the August bank holiday weekend too, so we can either prepare our swimsuits or brollies.

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So on the subject of heatwaves, Stephen Dixon at the Met Office said he is 'not confident' in what the specific weather condition will be but it will be 'warmer than average'.

He said: "The temperature will be slightly warmer and could be above average. For a heatwave in Berkshire, the temperature needs to reach 27C for three days running. There is a chance of warm weather above average, the average in England being 20C - that doesn't mean it moves into heatwave criteria."

Here's what the Met Office predicts from Sunday, August 22 to Tuesday, August 31.

A spokesman said: "Confidence is low to start this period, with uncertainties in the details of an area of low pressure which is likely to be in charge.

"Initially unsettled, particularly in the south, with extensive rain and showers on Sunday. Conditions should become more settled into next week, with plenty of dry weather with occasional sunny spells. These more settled conditions could remain throughout the week, however rain and showers could develop once again.

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"This is most likely towards the south with rain most probably moving in from the west. Winds likely to be light at the start of the period before perhaps increasing through the week, particularly if the unsettled weather arrives from the west. Temperatures most likely remaining close to, or rather above average, with warm spells likely at times."

This week, the weather forecast predicts highs of 21C.


It will be generally cloudy but dry with some patchy light rain and drizzle gradually going away.

Some bright spells may develop and it will feel slightly warmer with lighter winds.


There will be showers on Thursday becoming heavy at times with a chance of thunder.


As we move into the weekend it will be mainly dry and cloudy with some bright spells. The max temperature will be 22 C.


Saturday will see more sunshine but heavy showers later on in the evening. It will start to feel a lot warmer with highs of 23 degrees.